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Don’t you wanna do it right?  So many people move and so often you don’t wanna hire the wrong company to handle and coordinate your move.  Moving can be a distressing experience.  But it really doesn’t have to be.  That’s why we are here.  To help you find the best mover or broker for your long distance relocation.

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” I’m very picky about moving. I had a bad experience once, but then I found the best resource. All my moves since have been seamless. ”

Jhavon W.
moved from NY to LA

Have you ever had a bad moving experience?  I’m sure you have.  Or maybe this is your first move. Glad you stopped by this site.  It will save you quite a bit of hassel and expense.

America’s Top Movers are everywhere, yet they are pretty hard to find.  They are mixed up amongst movers who don’t quite fit the bill.  Movers who aren’t properly licensed and many of whom have not handled many moves in their lifetime.  You really would benefit best from a mover who has experience.  Preferably a mover who does at least 2500 moves per year.  You can ask your mover how many moves they do annually.  If they do not know this number, take that as a red flag!

Many people look at review sites to find the best movers out there.  This is a great first step to get a general list of about five to ten movers.  You can first conduct an extensive google search.  Create a search that properly defines your move.   For example, if you are relocating from Florida to Connecticut, you may want to search “long distance movers Florida”.

From that search you will get lots of results.  Actually too many to choose from.  Scan through the first few pages that come up and write down as many names of moving companies that you want.  Then go back to google and one by one search each company and take note of their online presence.  What are people saying about them?  Do they have a positive reputation?

From this query, write down your top 5-10 moving companies.  Call each one individually and ask questions.  I would recommend writing your questions down beforehand.  You can even print out your questions multiple times so that for each company you can write down your results.

These are just some simple suggestions to aid you in the process of your relocation.  Wherever you move, you will need a team of experienced and professional moving experts, so you want to take the right steps beforehand.


5 of America’s Moving Specialists We Love

Here is our current list of 5 of America’s Top Moving Experts.  We collected the data, now you decide who to hire!  We know you will not be disappointed!

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Angels Moving Alliance

We absolutely adore Angels Moving Alliance.  Founded in 1985, AMA has been a household name for many years.  Their corporate office is located in the heart of Los Angeles, hence the name “Angels Moving Alliance”.  These guys are real champs in the world of relocation specialists.

Charter Van Lines

If you are looking for a reliable moving and storage service, these guys are your experts for finding the appropriate company- as they are brokers.  Rated #1 Moving Expert in 2003, Charter Van Lines has a solid history of successful moves and happy customers.  Charter Van Lines specializes in residential and corporate relocation as well as offering auto transport services and storage options.

Sonny’s Movers

These guys are the new kids on the block.  They came about two years back and made a huge impression in the industry.  Sonny’s Movers now have locations in 11 states and counting.  Can’t wait to see how this all plays out, but I think it may end up being franchised.

Baby Got Back Movers

Another newbie in the industry.  Baby Got Back Movers is a moving company that boasts a team of guys who can do all of the leg work with little assistance or help from one another.  Imagine that?  One guy hauling a couch down a flight of stairs and to a truck?  You bet.  These guys have done it and will do it again.  Most of the movers with Baby Got Back Movers are former NFL linebackers.  This would explain the “back” and their crazy strength.

Moverite Alliance

Moverite Alliance is a leader in the industry since 1995.  They came into the industry slowly, but through the years have built up a huge business.  During peak season, they facilitate close to 3500 moves.  Moverite should be a choice in the forefront of your mind.  They have an outstanding reputation and a vast amount of experience.

How to choose moving company for your relocation

Relocation can be a very time consuming and tough task. That is why you will need a little help from the experts. This is the reason most of the people prefer to work with a moving company. They have the expertise and the tools that can help them easily relocate everything from one building to another without damaging anything. There are many companies working in this business and so the selection of the best one can get tough. Here we have a few tips that will help you select the best company.

Get a Reference

You might have been planning to search online or look for companies around you. A better option would be to get a reference. You could even get a reference from a site such as BBB. The Better Business Bureau is a great site to find out if complaints have been filed against a mover or moving company.  In addition to that, if someone from your family or friends have used the moving services, it is better that you ask them. It will help you save time and you can easily select the company you will be working with.

Hourly Rates vs Net Cost

Your budget is very important because you have already invested in the new place and there are many other bills that you will be paying. Know the hourly cost of their services so that you can get the estimate of the net cost that you will have to pay according to the services that they are providing. It will help you select the company that meets your demands and budget.

Certificate of Insurance

One of the most important things that you have to consider is whether you will get a certificate of insurance from the company or not.

  1. Certificate of insurance will give you the assurance that company will compensate you if your furniture has been damaged because of their mistake
  2. The best moving companies will always provide you the certificate of insurance
  3. If the company hesitates there are chances that they have a poor history of safety.

Plan of Action

Once you have selected the company that you would like to work with, ask them about their plan of action. It will give you the perfect idea that whether the company will come for an inspection before planning or not. If the company will not send its experts it is a clear sign that they are not professional.

Available Moving Dates

Make sure that you ask about the available date and time. The best companies will always adjust their time and date according to your schedule if they have not been already booked. So, assure that you select the date you are comfortable with.


Once you have selected the company assure that you allow them to come and inspect both the properties so that they can take the measurements and know about the furniture they would have to transfer. It will help the experts to plan everything properly so that they will not have to deal with any issues. It is important that you cooperate with the moving company and let them manage their task properly because that is the only way everything will be managed perfectly.

How to Save Money on your Interstate Move

Regardless of whether you are moving into a seven-room manor or a studio flat on the fourth floor, there’s a great deal to consider when you move out of state. While it may be strategically hard to migrate starting with one state then onto the next, an interstate move doesn’t need to be difficult for your wallet. With all the stress that accompanies an out-of-state move, you don’t have to pile on extra expenses, as well. Here are few ways that you can save cash on your interstate move.

Plan for Transporting Valuables

Sometimes the most costly moving expense is the unexpected misfortune or harm of things. To keep anything from happening to your resources, ensure you have an arrangement for moving your essential records, gems, or legacies. Experience the security store box or home safe and arrange the belongings. In the event that conceivable, these things ought to be kept with you amid the moving procedure. Assets ought to never be given off to the movers. In case that you don’t have space in the auto for transporting the assets, you could likewise send these things through the enlisted or protected mail. With regards to transporting the assets, ensure you’ve an arrangement.

Don’t Book a Last-Minute Move

To save the cash on the interstate move and guarantee the timeliness of the conveyance, you will need to give the movers a lot of time. When you’ve more opportunity for your move, you can give yourself squirm room in case that you have to change the move-in date at the new residence. Not exclusively will such an excess of preparing cut down on conceivable deferrals, yet it can likewise save you cash by the day’s end.

Notify Your Utility Companies

Preceding to your move, set a date for the cessation of the administrations and demand a last perusing for the meter. This will limit the additional cost of unneeded utility services. Before you touch base in the new city, get the utilities in the new residence associated. You would prefer not to touch base at the new residence just to understand that the lights or the heater won’t get turned on until a later date. In case that you don’t plan utilities early, you might end up staying in an inn until the point that lights and water are turned on in your new home.

Keep Track of Inventory

Continuously monitor each thing that you are moving to your new area to abstain from losing the possessions. Begin making a rundown while you are sorting out the move and make a point to unmistakably mark all boxes with their substance. Record each substantial possession as well as its value. Consider keeping a photographic or video record of the things in each room for protection purposes.

Moving might not generally be the best time involvement, but rather with these tips it doesn’t need to be the most costly experience either. Plan ahead and limit the cost of your interstate move.

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